To help parents promote safe and healthy gaming habits for their children through guidance, advice and my unbridled, biased opinion.


The blog is built on my opinions of what I believe to be healthy gaming for children. I’ve done a bit of research here and there but I don’t want posts to read like a scientific paper – there’s plenty of those out there already.

Each child is different and their attitudes to gaming equally as different. Use the blog as a guide to help inform you on the decision you make regarding your child’s experience with gaming.

About me

I’ve always liked games and have always chased the good game. Two pitfalls of gaming, dependency and escapism, are something I have fallen into and have lost contact with friends to as well. With my child growing up and games starting to become a thing for him I’d like to promote a healthy attitude to gaming that will maximise enjoyment while avoiding the bad bits.

Why publish?

I would like to help other parents. I feel that I have been stumbling through fatherhood like it’s something new to the world, like there hasn’t been thousands of years of people doing this already. Good honest advice has been scant. So as I think about how I navigate my child through games I will pass on my experiences that may help you in how you manage your child’s interaction with games.